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Best Reasons To Make Turkey the source of Your Food & Drink Wholesale Market

Best Reasons To Make Turkey the source of Your Food & Drink Wholesale Market

For the past decade, retail sales of food and drink items have been growing at a steady 8% year-on-year in Turkey. In fact, food sales cover 62% of Turk’s entire retail spending. Sales top out at around $140 billion a year.

$5 billion worth of food and beverage products are imported by Turkish buyers each year. Imports will continue to feature heavily on Turkish food inventories going forward – making Turkey a key market for international food and drink manufacturers well into the next decade.




Turkish Agro Food : a growing market with lots of entry points

Turkish Agro Food is entering a new era of prominence which opens the door for specially wholesale suppliers of ingredients and speciality foods and drinks. Especially 150,000 hotels, cafés and eateries are crying out for secure suppliers.

6% of revenues generated by Turkey’s food industry comes from the agro food  sector, giving it a valuation somewhere in the region of $8.4 billion. The of the sector, i.e. showcasing international cuisines, it relies on international exporters when securing top quality goods.

For example, in hotels, particularly in tourist heavy areas like Istanbul, imported traditional foods are big customer favourites and a hot product for Turkish buyers – demonstrating the types of market entry avenues available for foreign firms.


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