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Import Goods From Turkey; Best Of Turkish Wholesale Market!

Import Goods From Turkey; Best Of Turkish Wholesale Market!

If you are hunting for the next big thing that will sell well in your target market (e.g. USA, Canada, etc…), Turkey is the market you should look into. With a lot of high-quality and innovative goods produced domestically and a thriving industry to support a consistent and stable production, Turkey might help you to take your export/import business to the next level.


Here are some of the most beneficial Wholesale Products for Importing From Turkey;

  • Diapers Wholesale from Turkey

Our specially produced diapers products with eco friendly materials help to keep you and your baby dry. Our diapers catalog provides natural solutions for all skin types. In our wholesale catalog for diapers you can find unique selection of flexible baby diapers, adult diapers, lady pads and more. 

Click the link in order to browse the diapers wholesale catalogue.


  • Vacuum Packaging Machines

  1. Optimizing purchases
  2. Planning weekly work efficiently
  3. Avoiding waste
  4. Offering a hygienically preserved and therefore better quality foods
  5. Efficiently organizing spaces in the fridge
  6. Offering more options to customers by increasing the size of the menu.

Foods such as meat, cheese, vegetables, pasta, sauces and fruits can all be vacuum packaged while maintaining hygiene, quality, appearance and freshness over time.

Click the link in order to browse the Vacuum Packaging Machine Catalogue.


How Alagha & Company Can Help You Import Wholesale From Turkey?

Alagha & Company's network of large and trusted suppliers can cater to your requirements, large or small. We carefully choose the suppliers we work with and closely examine the products they make, we make sure that the products we sell to our B2B partners are licensing/inspection-ready for import. Our team of experts will work with you to simplify and quickly fulfill your order while supporting your firm with all documentation and samples for testing & certification prior to having your main order shipped.

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