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Import Polyurethane Elastomers from Turkey

Polyurethane Elastomers

Polyurethane elastomers have a special place in a wide range of rubber and plastics. It provides superiority to the materials (metals, plastics and rubbers) that they compete with many features. It is lighter, quieter, more resistant to abrasion and corrosion than metals; according to plastics, they have unbreakable, elastomeric memory. Due to its lower coefficient of friction, it is resistant to abrasion and impact. It is easier to paste to metal. According to rubbers; wider range of hardness-
what they have. They are also more resistant to abrasion, tear, load, ozone, radiation and solvents. It can be cast, machined and given any color.

All polyurethanes, whether thermoplastic or thermoset, contain a certain number of urethane functions obtained by the reaction of isocyanate and alcohol functions.

The variety of main components that can be used allows an infinite number of combinations and the desired specification values can be achieved.

For example, polyethers perform better in aqueous environments as they are more resistant to hydrolysis. Polyesters are more resistant to oils and solvents. The TDI group is less reactive and more tolerant to deviations in temperature regimes during casting and is less affected by ambient humidity. Also, the time of demolding is shorter. MDI polyurethanes have less isocyanate odor. More
machine castings are also easy due to their low viscosity. Provides a wider range of hardness.



  •  PU liners are used to extend the life of the slurry pump.
  •  PE system is used in applications where hydrolysis is an issue.
  •  Belt Scrapers cleans the convey belts
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