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Explore Your Accurate Options For Your Fit-Out Projects With Alagha & Company!

Fitout Projects 

fit out project

  • When we start to design the Project, the first thing we do is know you and your company better to give you exactly what you need.
  • To prevent loss of Money, overpaying, cost overruns, and failing to complete the Project, both we, the Project Team and the clients should carefully consider estimating the possible fit-out construction cost.
  • Finding accurate and high-quality Fit-Out Materials & Services is highly important, considering the capability of completing the most important parts of security. Alagha & Company’s Project team offers the highest quality of Fit-Out materials such as controlled environments, lighting, ceiling, doors and windows, heating & air conditioning systems, building systems, furniture & More with international standards & affordable prices.


Architectural Design

fit out projects

We are doing architectural design as considered one of the best ways or practices of planning and designing different buildings following a specific style. Team of architects, in this case, implement different styles or design to match the needs of a client. It is a comprehensive process that involves thorough planning, designing of a building.


Before Construction:

  • Actual site inspection
  • Interior design and space planning
  • Quantity and cost estimate



  • Architectural Works
  • Electrical Works
  • Mechanical Works
  • Fire Safety
  • Furnishing Works


Interior Design

interior design

We see projects not as spaces but as places to live.

That’s why the design team chooses the best quality, most robust, most secure materials to suit your budget.

Luxury design can be created for every budget.

Even if it is a living room, a hotel room or Office,

Finding accurate and high-quality materials & services is highly important, considering the capability of completing the most important parts of security. Alagha & Company’s Project team offers environments, lighting, ceiling, doors and windows, heating & airconditioning systems, building systems, furniture & more with international standards & affordable prices.

Just as everyone has a different character, the character of each pace is different. There are different requests. We are constantly working with our team to understand these requests.




Consulting architects are business owners or managers who own or work for an independent architecture or multidisciplinary design firm. Our role is to plan creative and innovative building design solutions for clients.

This often involves master planning and Project management, as well as design

You can consult us for your concept, under construction or just as interior design projects.


Industrial Kitchens

Industrial Kitchens

To provide the best service for our customers, we offer product and Project services in accordance with the present and future expectations of the customer.

In order to be able to plan correctly, basic data such as capacity, menu and service type, material supply facilities and organization are determined by our expert team. By looking at the data, the design is made in a way that reduces hygiene and work safety and reduces operating costs.

While preparing the Project, the flow direction of the kitchen hygiene conditions, storage, preparation, cooking, service and dishwashing should plan linearly. It is very important to create these functions without paying attention to the size or smallness of the space is emphasized.

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