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How To Manage An Excellent Industrial Kitchen Project?

Industrial Kitchens

To provide the best service for our customers, we offer product and Project services in accordance with the present and future expectations of the customer.

In order to be able to plan correctly, basic data such as capacity, menu and service type, material supply facilities and organization are determined by our expert team. By looking at the data, the design is made in a way that reduces hygiene and work safety and reduces operating costs.

While preparing the Project, the flow direction of the kitchen hygiene conditions, storage, preparation, cooking, service and dishwashing should plan linearly. It is very important to create these functions without paying attention to the size or smallness of the space is emphasized.


Some Of The Most Preferred Industrial Kitchen Equipments;

 9OE20I Induction Electric Cooker, 1 Module import from Turkey


FBE10T Combi Steam Oven, with Digital Control Panel



FBE006 Steam Convection Oven, with Digital Control




9SG15 Gas Cylindrical Boiling Pan - 150 lt.


import from Turkey



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