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import from Turkey

Plasticizers are relatively non-volatile organic substances (mainly liquids). When incorporated into a plastic or elastomer, they help improve the polymer's:

  • Flexibility
  • Extensibility and,
  • Processability

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DIDP Plasticizer

The excellent resistance to water and outdoor exposure of vinyl plasticised by DIDP

DIDP is suitable for plastisols including spray coating, dipping, casting or slush molding.

Packaging by bulk container /by bulk in IBCs/drums

Purity 99%


LBmollA Plasticizer

LBmoll A is used as a plasticizer for PVC and NBR

It can be used to reduce the viscosity.

It is preffered for it's good solvation and low temperature properties.

Packaging by bulk container /by bulk in IBCs/drums

Purity 99%


How Alagha & Company Can Help You Import Wholesale From Turkey?

Alagha & Company's network of large and trusted suppliers can cater to your requirements, large or small. We carefully choose the suppliers we work with and closely examine the products they make, we make sure that the products we sell to our B2B partners are licensing/inspection-ready for import. Our team of experts will work with you to simplify and quickly fulfill your order while supporting your firm with all documentation and samples for testing & certification prior to having your main order shipped.

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