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Importing Wholesale Products From Turkey, Your key to Success on the Turkish Market!

Importing products from Turkey

 Turkey is large exporter of clothing items, agro food, beverages, traditional foods, home textile, exterior building decorations items, bathroom furniture & etc. Due to the profitable price level and the great volume of domestic production, product import from Turkey is an extremely attractive option.

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Your key to Success on the Turkish Market

If you are hunting for the next big thing that will sell well in your target market (e.g. USA, Canada, etc…), Turkey is the market you should look into. With a lot of high-quality and innovative goods produced domestically and a thriving industry to support a consistent and stable production, Turkey might help you to take your export/import business to the next level.



 What is the best for Importing Wholesale From Turkey?

Floor and Tile Adhesives

Our wholesale catalog for floor and tile adhesives provides highly demanded and highest quality Turkish floor and tile adhesives options and many more opportunities for the buyers. Our unique selection of environment friendly floor and tile adhesives offers technical solution in buildings. 

Each raw material in our collection goes through a quality control process, after quality control approval raw materials enter into manufacturing lines. Highest quality of products produced with advanced technology ease your life and help you to develop solid solutions in constuction sector. By its easy application and confiding quality our construction chemicals options help craftsmen for saving time and man power.


All products that successfully pass the application and performance tests, meet the customers with the European Standards they own. Due to the fact that S1 and S2 high performance ceramic adhesives modified with special additives can adhere to hard surfaces and are durable against tensions. They resist tight conditions for long terms and allow reliable application.


 Baby, Kids and Young Room Furniture Wholesale

Melamine-coated particleboard is extremely resistant to scratches and humidity. E1 quality melamine-coated particleboards which are anticancerogen, antibacterial and antiallergic.

Our exclusive Baby, Kids and Young Room Furniture Wholesale catalog provides ready to assemble rooms at European standards. Each product in our collection is specially designed and produced with latest technology and highest quality of materials. In our wholesale catalog, you can see a unique range of products for baby room, kids room and young room.



How To Import Wholesale From Turkey?

Alagha & Company's network of large and trusted suppliers of Turkish products can cater to your requirement, large or small. We carefully choose the suppliers we work with and closely examine the products they make, we make sure that the products we sell to our B2B partners are licensing/inspection-ready for import. Our team of experts will work with you to simplify and quickly fulfill your order while supporting your firm with all documentation and samples for testing & certification prior to having your main order shipped.

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