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Turkey, Africa’s New Favorite Wholesale Import Destination!

Turkey, Africa’s New Favorite Wholesale Import Destination!



As a Bridge between Asia and Europe, Turkey has always played a spectacular role in trade since the antiquity times. It has been the crossroad of the Silk Road, the most ancient network of trade routes in history. Actually, the Silk Road was not only a conduit of commerce but also a melting pot of different cultures. 



 Merchants were trading varieties of goods like silk, spices, jewels, paper, grain, porcelain, vegetables, and fruits. Those goods were transported from China and South East Asia through the Indian Ocean to Africa, India and the Near East (UNESCO, 2019).

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Turkey’s wholesale exports to African countries on the increase!

Africa is one of the world new center of attention. As the number of emerging economies increases, different countries started to show big interest in doing business with the Africa. 

In the same way, Turkey is trying the best in order to get in the African market and survive in the tough competition with the Turkey's markets beneficial conditions. Africa has signed agreements with the most powerful economies such as the Africa-India, Africa-South America, and Africa-South Korea. For this reason, Turkey has created the “The Turkey’s Africa strategy” that resulted in different outcomes including:  

  • Turkey has opened 19 new Embassies in Africa.
  •  Turkey has created 23 Joint Economic Commissions, 4 Free Trade Agreements, 8 Double Taxation Prevention Agreements, and 17 Business Councils with African countries.
  • New African destination where linked to turkey by the Turkish Airlines.
  • Turkey’s exports to Africa increased from 14.1 billion US in 2013.
  • Turkey’s imports from Africa increased to 6 billion USD in 2013.


Importing Wholesale From Turkey To Africa!

Top imported wholesale Turkish goods are, food product, textile, machinery, clothing, transportation, cosmetics and vegetables for the African market. Turkey's long history in producing these items, and relatively cheap production costs made Turkish products available & advantageous to the African market. 

How Alagha & Company Can Help You Import Wholesale From Turkey?

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