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Turkey is an Extremely Attractive Option for Importers!


Turkey is an Extremely Attractive Option for Importers!

Import from Turkey

Let’s assume you have a business in a foreign country and you want to import wholesale products from Turkey. Small and medium-sized enterprises are the mainstay of Turkey’s large and rapidly growing economy. Due to the profitable price level and the great volume of domestic production, product import from Turkey is an extremely attractive option.


Turkey has a GDP of 851.10 billion US dollars (World Bank, 2017) that pillars on the agriculture, Industrial Steel-Iron, tourism, construction and contracting sector. Moreover, Turkey has a strong economic structure.  Thanks to its large and diversified internal market, well-regulated banking sector, low public debts and mainly its large investments in vital sectors as energy, transport, and health. Consequently, this latter enabled the country to stand strong in the middle of the recent political and international economic instabilities.

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Turkey Is Offering Good Quality & Competitive Prices!


Istanbul Turkey

Turkey is offering good quality and competitive prices in addition to facilitating regulations of the shipping process. However, robust and diversified sectors are backing up Turkey’s economy;


Home Textile Sector

Food & Beverages

Industrial Solutions

Exterior Building Decorations

Welding Materials


Turkish Textile


Starting from small workshops in the late ‘60s, the textile and apparel are the most important industries in today’s Turkish economy. Practically, the textile exports account for 9.4% of the country total exports that are $175 billion in 2017. Thus, this number is expected to increase.  Moreover, Turkey is betting on the quality and the prices it offers compared to the competition in the international market. By 2023, the country set as a goal to top $50 billion (knittingtradejournal, 2017).

Turkey ambitious goals are a result of efforts done on various levels. 

  • Development of qualified human capacities,
  • Investments in various industries attracting capitals internally and externally, 
  • Investments in advanced technology,
  •  The capability of making massive volumes of production.

The Turkish government set fundamental strategies to ensure continuous prosperity. In 2009, the government of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan launched the project  “Turkish Exports Strategy for 2023”.  The project aims to reach $500 billion of export (Joseph De Coster, 2018). To do so, Turkey is planning to expand the market of export by operating further-out of its traditional markets; Europe and the MENA region. Africa is the perfect candidate for Turkey’s ambitions. The continent is an untapped market, with a massive population estimated at 1.305 billion (Worldmeter, 2019).




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