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Turkish Wholesale Market - Excellent Tips For Importers

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Do you aware of Turkish market's value? Turkey is one of the most popular & highly demanded supplier of a lot of wholesale products. 


Tips For Importers; What is The Best Wholesale Product To Import From Turkey?

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Import Agrofood and Beverages From Turkey

The agriculture sector in Turkey is very prospering thanks to the country geographical position and favorable Mediterranean climate. This later enabled the country not only to be one of the rare countries in the world to be self-sufficient in food but also to balance the trade deficit and occupy the position of the 7TH largest agriculture producer worldwide. The most reputable agriculture products are dried figs, hazelnuts, pistachios, sultanas/raisins, dried apricots, watermelons, red meat, fish, honey, milk, and dairy…etc.  Concerning the beverage business, Turkey has 516000 hectares of vineyard and suitable climate for massive wine production of various type of grapes. The country exports $17 billion with 1781 types of agricultural products to 190 countries (hurriyetdailynews, 2018).


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Turkey’s agricultural economy is among the top ten in the world, with half of the country consisting of agricultural land and nearly a quarter of the population employed in agriculture. 

Turkey is a major producer of wheat, sugar beets, milk, poultry, cotton, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables, and is the top producer in the world for apricots and hazelnuts. 

As inputs to animal feed for its meat and rapidly growing poultry sector, Turkey import oilseeds, including soybeans and meals, as well as grain products.  Turkey also imports additional cotton as an input for its advanced textile sector, and inputs for its food processing and bakery sector. (export.gov)


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Machinery and electrical equipment

This sector is growing dramatically; as it quadrupled its revenues in the last 15 years to 20 USD billion. Turkey provides high quality and diversified range of products that answer the world market demands, in addition to cost competitive and skillful labor force. The sector is very ambitious as it contains a big share of small and medium enterprises representing 60% of the industry. Turkey could make of its machinery and electrical equipment production the second largest export sector with 9.3% of Turkey total exports to more than 200 countries; 60% to Europe and 22% to the MENA region and aims to double the share by the year 2023 (Turkish Machinery Foundation, Turk Stat, 2018).


Import Wholesale Doors with Monoblock Technology

Doors from Turkey

Secure Doors with the latest technology (Monoblock techonolgy) is another highly-demanded product for importers.

Benefit of solid monoblock technology, which means production in one piece; Any desired pattern, logo, even the shape of a human face can be processed as a three-dimensional concave / convex relief on the monoblock door leaf. With this technology, which removes the limits from the design and functionality in the middle, it is possible to produce one piece of door which reaches 70mm if necessary.



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