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Import Wholesale Turkish Products & Discover the Advantages!

Import Wholesale Turkish Products  & Discover the Advantages!

Turkey will give you good quality wholesale products with 50% less price than other countries.

Agrofood and Beverages

The agriculture sector in Turkey is very prospering thanks to the country geographical position and favorable Mediterranean climate. This later enabled the country not only to be one of the rare countries in the world to be self-sufficient in food but also to balance the trade deficit and occupy the position of the 7TH largest agriculture producer worldwide. The most reputable agriculture products are dried figs, hazelnuts, pistachios, sultanas/raisins, dried apricots, watermelons, red meat, fish, honey, milk, and dairy…etc.  Concerning the beverage business, Turkey has 516000 hectares of vineyard and suitable climate for massive wine production of various type of grapes. The country exports $17 billion with 1781 types of agricultural products to 190 countries (hurriyetdailynews, 2018).




Turkey is offering good quality and competitive prices in addition to facilitating regulations of the shipping process.

 If you like to trade/invest in Turkish agricultural products, you can find a good variety of them in the Agro Food section of our Wholesale Catalog. For instance, dried apricot which comes in vacuum bags of 12.5 kilograms would be a smart choice to capitalize on as one of Turkey’s top selling agricultural products. Likewise, different kinds of spices, nuts, tahini, olives and jams are among the interesting and promising agro food that Turkey has to offer.


How To Import Wholesale From Turkey?

Alagha & Company's network of large and trusted suppliers of Turkish products can cater to your requirement, large or small. We carefully choose the suppliers we work with and closely examine the products they make, we make sure that the products we sell to our B2B partners are licensing/inspection-ready for import. Our team of experts will work with you to simplify and quickly fulfill your order while supporting your firm with all documentation and samples for testing & certification prior to having your main order shipped.

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