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Why import Agro food wholesale from Turkey to USA and Canada

Advantages of Importing from Turkey

Nicknamed “the Cradle of Civilizations”, Anatolia has been long known for its fertile soil. These ancient lands, on which modern Republic of Turkey is the current resident, have seen many civilizations come and go. Since agriculture always played a crucial role in the history of Anatolia which pioneered in cultivating many kinds of crops (most importantly wheat), Turkey is now known for the diversity of its agricultural products. This takes us to our main question: Why is it advantageous to import agro food wholesale from Turkey to USA and Canada as well as to the other parts of the world?

Drawing on centuries-long experience and tradition, Turkey excels at agricultural production in terms of total output, diversification and the quality of the crops. With around 38 million hectares of agricultural area (Source: FAO Country Profile), Turkey is the world’s biggest producer of apricots, figs, cherries and hazelnuts (Source: FAOSTAT).

advantages of importing from turkey

It is also among Top 5 countries in the production of honey, pistachios, chestnuts, quinces, watermelons, plums, strawberries, tomatoes, pears, olives and so on.

So, what does the aforementioned facts mean? Think about it: The high level of output leads to competitive prices. When you take the favorable USD/TL currency rate which stands at 5.35 USD (as of March 2019) into consideration; it means that your imports would sell at competitive prices, as well. Let alone the quality of the products, this alone makes it very attractive to import agro food wholesale from Turkey to USA or any country like Australia or Canada.

If you like to trade/invest in Turkish agricultural products, you can find a good variety of them in the Agro Food section of our Wholesale Catalog. For instance, dried apricot which comes in vacuum bags of 12.5 kilograms would be a smart choice to capitalize on as one of Turkey’s top selling agricultural products. Likewise, different kinds of spices, nuts, tahini, olives and jams are among the interesting and promising agro food that Turkey has to offer.

Turkey is not only about agricultural food, however. One particular Turkish product that might be of interest to importers worldwide is the high-quality doors which are produced with Monoblock technology. This cutting-edge technology enables the Turkish producers to manufacture doors in one piece which helps them to process any pattern, shape or logo on the door leaf itself. Monoblock doors also prove to be much more efficient when it comes to sound and heat insulation. That’s why we think it might also be a good idea to import high quality doors wholesale from Turkey to USA. Speaking of the doors, we should also add that Turkey has a very good reputation in manufacturing high quality furniture. Be it office furniture or economic quality home furniture, make sure to check out what Turkey has in store for you.

If you are looking for a high-quality product to import which has a great potential, Turkey is definitely one of the places to look into. Considering the country’s expertise in agricultural products, it is highly advisable import agro food wholesale from Turkey to South Africa, Kenya, Malaysia, Australia, Canada and USA or to any other country you are targeting. Thanks to the quality of the Turkish products, rest assured that you will maximize your business profitability in no time!

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