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Alagha & Company is launching its Top High Paying Affiliate Program

Make others import wholesale Turkish products from Turkey to North America & many other countries and earn commissions!

Description: With our lucrative high paying affiliate program, you can enable others import  B2B wholesale Turkish products from Turkey to the Globe and start earning commissions today

Alagha and company affiliate marketing program

We think that we have a great system to help importers import wholesale Turkish products from Turkey to the Globe and now we invite you to capitalize on it to earn commissions! Yes, you guessed it right: We are launching our affiliate program which will help you to earn commissions out of every purchase made by all clients coming through you. The good news is: Application takes only a couple of clicks! Interested? Great! Then, keep on reading to see what we offer to our affiliates and find out how you can apply to our affiliate program.

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So, what does our affiliate program offer? Just by sending your visitors our way (and making them purchase something, of course) you can earn %5 of the total sale amount. Sounds small? Certainly not – do not forget that we are a wholesale company and we always deal with huge sums. Since our expected average order size stands at $50K, you can start making your living or even making a fortune in no time! 

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Here’s an example of how lucrative our affiliate program can be: Let’s say that a B2B wholesale client landed at our website via your affiliate link, purchased $100K worth of wholesale bathroom furniture. In this case, your commission will be $100K x 0.05 = $5,000! And do not forget that this estimation is for one customer only. Think about how much money you would make if you, let’s say, send 10 customers to our website in a month! Needless to mention, you will continue earning commissions for the recurring purchases of a customer – the more you make them import Turkish products and goods wholesale - from Turkey to USA, Canada and many other Countries - the more you earn! You can always track your referrals’ orders.

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Sending customers to our website is super-easy: Once you sign up to our program and your application is approved, you will be provided with your unique affiliate link. Once your visitors click on your link, you will be eligible to earn commissions out of their purchases. How to use this affiliate link is entirely up to your imagination: You can place it on your website, blog, email… you can even use your affiliate link with a paid add!

Have you ever worried about losing commissions because of the visitors who click on your affiliate link and do not make the purchase immediately, but later on make up their minds and go on to make the purchase? In our affiliate program, you do not have to worry about it at all! Our affiliate cookie remains valid on the visitors’ browsers for 90 days. This means that once a visitor follows your affiliate link, you can earn commissions for all the purchases he/she makes in 90 days following his/her first visit. This is arguably the most important feature of our program.  

How to apply to Alagha and Company affiliate program?

Want to join us? Great! Registering for our affiliate program is a one step action. You just need to go to our Affiliate Program page, fill in the simple form and submit. As soon as we receive your application, we will process it and let you know about its status. You can also find some additional information as well as the program terms and policies alongside the application form.

Sounds good? Then, hurry up – our affiliate program is open for registration for a limited time. Sign up now to start earning commission out of your customers who import wholesale Turkish products from Turkey to many other countries of the globe! Are you Lacing up?!

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