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combi steam oven
combi steam oven

FBE10T Combi Steam Oven, with Digital Control Panel

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Steam generator system (boiler)

Tray Loading Capacity: 10 GN 1/1

It works with electricity.

It is made entirely from 18/8 Cr-Ni stainless steel sheet.

With its fans in the oven, it is possible to obtain a uniform distribution of heat and a well-balanced kitchen.

There is a tactile control panel.

The temperature and cooking time can be set on the touch panel.

The distance between the shelves is 65 mm.

It has five different cooking modes.

Turbo Mode (30-300 ° C

)Combi Mode (30-300 ° C)

Steam Mode (100 ° C)

Adjustable Steam Mode (30-99 ° C)

Bench mode (30-300 ° C)0% -10% -20% -30% -40% -50% -70% -80% -90% -100%

Steam / Dry Temperature

Adjustment Adjustable Boiler Adjustment

Steam cooking function (separate cooking for each shelf)

6 phase steps during cooking

Automatic preheating option

5 points measured (30-99 ° C) - Meat probe

Control key (confirmation function)

Interior cabinet specially designed for homogeneous cooking

30 recipe cooking quick recipe

Recording 90 recipes

Favorite Cooking Recipe Feature

Characteristic of rapid cooling in the cab

6 different fan speeds

Manual steam injection system

Steam condenser system

Real Time Clock

Copy recipe with USB input and software download function

Energy saving and temperature sensitive control (PID / PWM control)

Melodic sound warning system

4 different language options

Easy User Panel (Easy GUI)

Error Alert System


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