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Hotels, Towers and Compounds Furniture

Hotels, Towers and Compounds Furniture

Living Rooms, Bedrooms, Dinning Rooms, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Business Meeting Rooms.




At the Alagha & Company We provide Professional Consultancy services to our Global Corporate Clients to price a full project from multiple Turkish Suppliers and we can extend into Designing, Supervising the Execution, and the Project Management

Alagha & Company’s  Expert Project Team provides highly recommended process for the costumer’s demands regarding the projects such as Hotels, Towers & Compounds Furniture which is also include living room, Bedroom, Dining room & Kitchen equipments.

We provide the process from designing with all the necessarily details with our expertise if costumer does not have a plan for regarding project. Including researches of the budget, accurate products for the project needs, arranging the timing of the project.

Here are Some of The Services We Offer for Hotels, Towers and Compounds Furniture;

  • Fire Rated Solutions

Fire - Rated Lock
Fire - Rated door handle
Fire - Rated Carpets
Fire - Rated Furniture Fabric - Optional
Fire - Rated Curtain
Door Mobile Bottom
European Union standards, is certified according to UNI 9723 EN 1634-1, and is tested as per EI2 60 and EI2 120 scale.
Solid leaf with standard thickness, made of galvanized steel sheet metal
Casing with changable thickness. Made of galvanized steel sheet metal (1.5 mm)
Electro-static RAL 1013 colored water based paint.
  • Art Work for Hotel Designs


Art is an important part of latest designs of projects. We provide the top art works according to the location, trendy designs for our costumers. Our team searches international standards of art designs and include it to the plans with theaffordable options.


  • Lightening System Supports



Lightening System has a great value for hotels, towers, restaurants & tourism sector. Accurate lightening system can show the quality of all other products in the room. It is also should be economic, safe & accurate colour according to the complete design. We provide hundreds of lightening system options to our costumers. 


  • Ceramic Tiles, Porcelain Tiles


 Turkish tiles and ceramics-developed over the centuries incorporating many different techniques and designs. Enriched by the arrival of the Seljuks, the ceramic industry in Anatolia achieved a deservedly worldwide reputation with the support of the Ottoman. We combine the art of Turkish ceramics with the economic prices.


  •  Business Rooms 

Business Rooms are highly demanded by the hotels as well. With the accurate products, safe & certificated materials, meeting & business rooms will be designed & done easily and affordable.

  • Bedroom Options

Alagha & Company provides exclusive designed bedroom options with Including all the products a bedroom need. We consider Economic & high quality materials by combining with the art, luxury & comfort. Starting from the basic materials such as floors, windows, doors, lightening sytems, alarms, decoration items, bed, tables, chairs we offer completing the project without leaving any beneficial detail for the costumer.

  • Living Room Options

  • SPA - Center / Turkish Bath (Hamam) 

We provide the highest- quality of Spa Center equipment with affordable prices.

  • Fitness Center

  • Rich Wood Options

Woods are highly demanded products for some of the specific projects. In this case for providing the  accurate, secure & high quality woods, we made many co-operations with the high qualitiy wood suppliers & factories in Turkey.


Starting the project with Alagha & Company means you will be managing the process with the experts, determine the accurate needs of the projects needs, choosing the high quality materials and control all the stages with expertise. Our services provide the affordable prices for compounds furnitures without sacrificing the quality.


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