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gas cylindirical boiling pan
gas cylindirical boiling pan

9SG15 Gas Cylindirical Boiling Pan - 150 lt.

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1 module – Gas heated

Device body is made from 18/8 Cr-N? stainless steel stone plate, other internal parts are made from aluminum plate

Cover is made from stainless steel plate which is special formed for endurance and it has double wall.

Indirect cooking is available with bain-marie system in which oil goes around pan.

Multi stage thermostat can adjust temperature between 60-180°COil’s, around pan (jacket), boiling temperature is over 200°C

Water filling (hot/cold) and draining valves are on the device.

There is a safety discharge valve for cooked material which is specially formed for undesirable openings

There is a safety system that cut the electricity if any malfunction occurs at pan (limited thermostat)

All gas and control equipment are suitable to international standards.

Heating type: Indirect

Heat capacity: 201kW

Gas input: ¾ “

Basin capacity: 140 lt

Water input: ¾

Dimensions: 800*900*850 mm


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