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Anti Blemish Face & Body SPF 50+ 100 ml

Anti Blemish Face & Body SPF 50+ 100 ml

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Anti-Blemish Sun Care Body SPF 50+ Factor highly protects the skin from the UV rays thanks to its UVA and UVB filter mechanism, while avoiding sunspot and freckle formation, it is water resistant, It has Alpha Flavon, for reducing the wrinkles caused by the sun, Nano-Herbal Arbutin for avoiding blemish while rejuvenating the skin. The formula has Adenosine for anti-aging. Thanks to Aloe Vera extract, it has anti-tocsin and anti-bacterial effect. It does not cause any lipoidosis, it balances and neutralizes the skin. It is the perfect solution for sensitive skin for avoiding blemishes, sunspots and freckles.It provides a combined – All in One – high effect of protect on against the sun while moisturizing, soothing the skin and helping anti-aging process, and mainly avoiding blemishes along with this total effect.

Usage; it is suitable for all types of skin and body and it is water resistant. It is used at least 20 minutes before sunbathing. Repeat it after bathing or swimming for best results.


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