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Baby Sun Care SPF 50+ 100 ml

Baby Sun Care SPF 50+ 100 ml

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Can be provided in 20 & 40ft Container

Sun Protection Baby SPF 50+ Sun care serie is a highly sensitive and protective serie which gives the best protection to UV rays and it is anti-allergic specially designed for babies. It prevents sunburn, and offers multiple actions like hydration, UVB and UVB protect on. It does not include alcohol, perfume or any colouring, it is high-tolerance and hypoallergenic sun care baby product.

Usage; it is suitable for baby skin and very sensitive skin. It is used at least 20 minutes before sunbathing. Repeat it after bathing if necessary. It is highly recommended to avoid babies to directly be in touch with the sun.


Minimum Order Quantity for this product is 500 pcs.