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Face & Skin Whitening Cream 50 ml

Face & Skin Whitening Cream 50 ml

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Whitening cream provides special whitening and shine by balancing color changes on darkened and unbalanced skin thanks to its special formula. Whitening cream consists of herbal and natural ingredients. The whitening cream, which removes the darker areas that have formed in special areas due to sun, aging, drug use, pregnancy etc.epilation, waxing and shaving applications can also be the cause of unbalanced color on the skin. Whitening cream provides a glittering appearance in these areas with regular use. Whitening creams provide the best herbal solutions in dark areas, in special regions, where skin appearence becomes lighter, brigher and whiter. Whitening cream is very effective and safe in even gentle areas, genital area, armpit area.

Usage; It is applied on the problem areas twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.


Minimum Order Quantity for this product is 500 pcs.