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PIL 3A - Pilasters

PIL 3A - Pilasters

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Can be provided in 20 & 40ft Container

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Capital 130*460*180
Body 60*300*2000
Base 105*410*145


PIL 3A - Pilasters

Our collection of decorative pilasters are used to give the appearance of a supporting column and to articulate an extent of wall, with only an ornamental function.

Pilasters often appear on the sides of a door frame or window opening on the facade of a building, and are sometimes paired with columns or pillars set directly in front of them at some distance away from the wall, which support a roof structure above, such as a portico. They can also be used to support a recessed archivolt around a doorway. As with a column, a pilaster can have a plain or fluted surface to its profile, we offer them both as standard and a custom range of non classical pilaster body shapes.

The fashion of using this element from Ancient Greek and Roman architecture was adopted in the Italian Renaissance, gained wide popularity with Greek Revival architecture, and continues to be seen in some modern architecture