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sliding door system, door products, wholesale door products,
sliding door system, door products, wholesale door products,

Sliding Door System - In-Wall Sliding Doors

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In-Wall Sliding Doors



1- DIVIO All Models (540-541-550-551 Except )
2- KLEON All Models( KL 400-CK600-13A-13L Except )
3- FRONİA All Models ( FR 571-FR 570 Except )
4- NATURA ROYAL All Models (E02-E03-E04-D01-D02-D03-
5-NA J01 All Models 


Monoblock® Technology 

Turkey’s most professional door solution behind the technology wonder of the name of the wooden plate. The trees gathered with care after they have completed the life in the nature. The tree masses, which lost their industrial value, are shaped as medium density fiberboard. The fiber sheet, which combines very special chemical components to maximize the screwing strength, is produced in different thicknesses with density ranging from 540 kg / m3 to 850 kg / m3. In each of the product platforms, different density plates are used depending on the needs of the surface technologies.

The 3-component structure that forms the door, different versions of the fiber sheet are preferred depending on the mechanical requirements of the product. There are also density differences in the frame, architrave and leaf. The mixture of environmentally friendly resin and other chemical components injected into the fiberboard is optimized according to the usage requirement. The resulting plates of different densities come together in door combinations and create a perfect harmony for long-lasting useage.

Benefit of solid monoblock technology, which means production in one piece; Any desired pattern, logo, even the shape of a human face can be processed as a three-dimensional concave / convex relief on the monoblock door leaf. With this technology, which removes the  limits from the design and functionality in the middle, it is possible to produce one piece of door which reaches 70mm if necessary.

In this respect, production of environmentally friendly door is made from the recycled material resistant to shrinkage, high heat and sound insulation, If desired, it can be resistant to fire and water as well.